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Ascot Ties in Spain…Palma Majorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca (Palma Majorca) – Usually when you visit the Sterling Ascots blog, we ease you into the life of ascots, ascot ties, cravats, which ever you prefer to call it. Maybe you’ll see some nice photos highlighted with an ascot. It’s quite possible you’ll find a new place to dine somewhere in the

The Sterling Ascots Search for Fabric: London pt. 2

London, England Part II – The Sterling Ascots Euro Tour picks up in London on the road to Soho. If this is your first time visiting our site, Sterling Ascots is an ascot tie company that travels the world visiting fabric houses for exclusive fabric to make ascots (cravats). Of course we take advantage of

Our La Perla Sterling Ascot Tie in London, England

London, England – Everything you’ve ever heard about the clamy weather in London, discard it! At this time in early July it’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s crowded. Trust me when I say that I’m just as confused as a the 8.7 million residents of London. No matter the weather, the Sterling Ascots Euro Tour

How to Tie a Sterling Ascot

  Long Island, NY – The Sterling Ascot is an intricate product, not like any other ascot tie, bow tie, or dress tie. What separates our ascot ties from any other ascots are the thought, time, and process that takes place before our ascots hit the market. Once we have a desired travel destination, whether

Monte Carlo, Monaco & The Sterling Navy Reversible Ascot Tie pt 2

Monte Carlo, Monaco pt Deux – It’s just another day in European paradise. The weather has a perfect touch of mildness to it but the breakfast…expensive. After a late start we venture off on foot. The district of Monte Carlo is only a quarter square mile. The issue is that it’s all hill. The walk

Monaco & Monte Carlo Sterling Ascot Tie pt 1

Monte Carlo, Monaco – Imagine feeling like you’re on a nonstop episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Envision the world renowned voice of Robin Leach delivering the most phenomenal verbal descriptions of some of the most luxurious items known to man. Maybe something like: “getting to this 325 foot yacht by helicopter is

The Lilac Leaf Ascot in Cannes, France

CANNES, FRANCE ~ Home to everything you’ll ever want in life…as long as you can afford it. The summer sun is hot, the yachts are out at Le Vieux Port, and I already can’t wait to return. Cannes is small, yet big enough to fit a plethora of millionaires, billionaires, tourists, and the everyday workforce

The Bubble Blue Sterling Ascot on the Hudson

WEEHAWKEN, NJ – A gem of a town that lies between what used to be the embroidery capital of the United States and arguably one of the most spectacular city skyline views in the world. Steps away from the shot is a lovely steakhouse where I enjoy my rib-eye steaks well done with the edges

The Ruby Red Reversible in Rome

ROME, ITALY – The location: a little pizzeria just a block outside of Vatican City. It’s a repugnant 37 Degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) on the Sterling Ascots European Tour and shade in Rome is seldom found with no strings attached. As the finely dressed women and men of Rome fly by on scooters, I

The Introduction

  Greetings,   Sterling Ascots is a neckwear company specializing in fashionable ascots (cravats), pocket squares, and other trendy clothing accessories for men. Our original ascots were produced from the suit jacket linings and spools of imported silk and synthetic fabric from the 80s and 90s. What makes Sterling Ascots unique is its origins: a